Run5 Husky Free Landing Variant

Version: 1.01 (June 2005)

Engine: Battles in Italy

Turns: 39


Author: Robjess

Download: Run5 Husky Free Landing

Designed by Robjess based upon the SSG Operation Husky Scenario from Battles in Italy.

This variant scenario allows for the Allied player to choose their own invasion sites for both amphibious and para units. Note that amphibious units may need to traverse at sea for more then 1 turn to reach invasion sites on the west coast of Sicily.

Axis units will be surprised until turn 3 unless otherwise activated by allied units which move within close proximity of them.

Here is a summary of changes from the SSG version of this scenario:

- Scenario length increased to 39 turns.

- Allied player manual placement of Airbourne drop zones.

- Increased unit scatter radius for allied para units.

- Excluding Para units - all allied units now arrive in amphibious mode.

- Allied player may land units arriving in amphibious mode on any clear or urban hex on the south east, south or western coastlines.

- Additional allied supply sources created for all urban hexes within allied amphibious invasion zones (it is assumed that these hexes have port facilities).

- Objective data updated - Enna is now a secondary major objectives - Siracuse is no longer a major objectives. Allied Victory points for Messina increased.

- Surrender odds for Italian units decreased slightly.

Installation: Download and run the installation setup file, this should install all files and associated sub directories into a ..scearios/Run5 Husky Variant folder under your main Battles in Italy Folder. Start Battles in Italy up, and you should see the scenario listed under the Italy Battleset.

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