About Strategic Studies Group

Strategic studies group has been making computer games since 1983

Ian Trout - President

I'm a sometime bug-hunter turned chalky turned bookseller before stumbling into computer game design and publishing. Twenty years and twenty-odd games on, and nothwithstanding the industry's peculiar volatility, I'm still at it... older, greyer, fatter... but not much wiser. I love it.

Roger Keating - Senior Vice President

Roger Keating is one of the two original founders of SSG. In 1979 Roger wrote and produced his first computer game called 'Conflict' which was picked up by SSI and published as 'Computer Conflict'. During the next few years Roger produced seven games for SSI before joining Ian Trout and starting SSG by publishing the space game 'Reach for the Stars'.

Over the last twenty years Roger has been involved with the production of over 50 computer games and has watched SSG grow from a fledgling company to being one of the driving forces in Computer Strategy in the world today.

Gregor Whiley - Vice President

I joined SSG in 1986 by the simple expedient of asking for a job. Since then I have produced most of SSG's games, and overseen the growth and mutation of SSG as it has adapted to the rapid and continuous changes in the industry. As well as all the games we've done, I'm most proud of the fact that SSG remains a completely independent entity, producing the games that it wants to make.

Steve Ford - Creative Director

While working in television, radio and advertising I was always a keen wargamer. In 1989 I played 'Battlefront' for the first time and became hooked. Around 1993 I sent a few custom maps to SSG and landed a freelance gig doing armies for Warlords and ships for CAW. Pardon the well worn cliche' but the rest is history. It sure beats working for a living.

Alex Shaw - Programmer

Growing up around computers (and computer games), I have always appreciated a well made computer game. After going out, getting a biotech degree and working as a scientist for a brief stint, I moved in to scientific programming. I learnt many things working in the corporate world, many of which I hope to allow me to bring new technologies to SSG games.

I jumped at the chance of a job programming for SSG, and am looking forward to working with the guys who made some of my favorite games whilst growing up.

Kharkov Box Carriers At War Box Battlefront Box Battles In Italy Box Battles In Normandy Box Across The Dnepr Box Korsun Pocket Box