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Top 10 Game Reporters
Bino410 Games
tymesbassist286 Games
steveh235 Games
IA_James190 Games
Admiral Stricker154 Games
dgh104145 Games
richardew123 Games
fmbugman118 Games
funkatron3000109 Games
mario vallee109 Games
Strikes Launched
Human Side63,376
AI Side42,632

Ordnance Carried
Human Side7,636,539,270
AI Side2,338,524,060

Ordnance Hit
Human Side1,012,981,800
AI Side168,985,260

Last 5 Games Reported
tymesbassistCoral Sea
tymesbassistCoral Sea
tymesbassistCoral Sea
tymesbassistCoral Sea
tymesbassistEastern Solomons
Ships Sunk
Human Side13,088
AI Side71,504

Planes Downed
Human Side733,442
AI Side1,191,256

Most Popular 5 Scenarios
Coral Sea529
Pearl Harbor468
Wake Island423
Eastern Solomons378

Tonnes Ship Sunk
Human Side188,764,664 lbs
AI Side1,061,025,154 lbs

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